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How Valuable Your Value?

How valuable your value? What is value anyway? Or something else? While the word value carries with it the implication it has some utility or economic benefit. So it is a sure sign we are living in an era where our belief is good on the basis of their usefulness. Actually, this is just what we are seeing in society. That places the value of even a person’s life on their relative usefulness to the public. If our language betrays the idea values this way. So it is likely we are struggling with believing they are really all that valuable in the first place. The importance of values in a society that it holds in constant need of being reminded. At all moments all societies in times have been in constant need of such reminders.


An author once said that the great moral teacher never introduces complicated new ideas.

 And he added that the business of a moral teacher to remind people of what they know. In an essence, we are in no different a predicament than those who have come before us. However, there are moments for some societies when reminders are no longer enough. What we need is the belief itself that values are valuable. He also said you never know how much you really believe anything. Until the truth or false becomes a matter of life and death to you.  If a value for one person is no longer something to be pursued. On account of what they can do for us a lot of surface-level religion and feel-good psychology looks rather silly.


Maybe we can help to frame things as directly as possible. Is the service of the value the only measurement for the worth of value? Of course not. The service of a dollar bill may be the only measurement for the worth of the dollar bill. When the dollar bill could no longer be used to buy things it would only be worth the cost of the raw materials that formed it. However, some are not true of a value. The cost of a value does not cease to exist if we can demonstrate that the value is no longer useful.


This is the importance of ethics and values in a society that is worth to inherent. Once your value disappears the moment you perceive they no longer bring you value. Henceforth, if we want to be the kind of people who live as if values are important to us. We should be willing to pursue our values, even when doing so does not benefit us.

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