About Us

We are a website whose first concern in education through online. Using our blogs on different topics of life and society. The company is a leading reference site with more than 15 years aims at expert build education content. With just less than 2 decades of service, we receive acceptance by comScore as one of the most informative sites. In our company, we believe that great idea begins with a question. And we assist 13 million users to answer theirs every month.


Hence, we encourage everyone to let their concern lead them their way to lifelong learning. Whatever your concern whether in math, humanities or other topics we are able to have it for you. They write by essay writers and experienced teachers from different schools. They designed to give answer and information our readers need. In a clear, easy to navigate format we can help.


Our team is a nonprofit organization with a mission to give additional learning tools to all people.

Whether in school or out of school youth students. Because all of us has a lot in mind by the things we see and hear from our surroundings. Most of our team meet on a specific date to have a brainstorming to give more educational topics. It is our privilege to receive more comments and encouragement from our readers that they learn from our post.


This organization created by a group of friends who encounter people in search of some information they can’t find. By then this group of friends begins to create this site. So that all people will have the privilege to read and learn from it. Now that we reach this far we still in our passion. To serve all the people around the world to share what we learn. As we cheered we also encouraging people not to be afraid to ask a question.